About Us

Paramount Shoe laundry initiated in the year 2007 in Mumbai. The unique concept of Shoe Laundry was discovered by the founder Mr.Anil A during a trip to the United States. It was astonishing to see how people there were not only conscious about getting their clothes laundered but was equally concerned about the cleanliness of their footwear.

Cleanliness of our footwear is mostly overlooked by us. Just like our clothes, our shoes also need to be properly taken care of. Due to prolonged use, the interior of our shoes is prone to various bacteria and fungi which may indirectly lead to unhygienic conditions and/or infections of the foot. The perspiration from our feet along with gradually accumulated dust particles may lead to unpleasant odours from our feet, many a times causing embarrassment .Hence, regular cleanup of shoes ensures long lasting hygiene of the feet and footwear.